STEM Soldering​


P5 - S2

​STEM Mechanism


P4 - P6

 STEM Machine & Coding  


K2 - P2

STEM Junior Robotics 


P1 - P4

​STEM Advanced Robotics


P3 - P6

​STEM SoccerBot


P4 - P6

Theme 1 - Electronics Game Machine


Theme 2 - Multi-functional Timer


In this Course you will learn how to master soldering &

familiar with electronic components.




*Electronics parts & safety googles are  included


Level 1

Level 2

Building is an important part of the hand-on experience.

Contents that will be introduced:

• Trace the transmission of motion and transfer of energy through the machine.

• Program and create a working model. 

• Modify by changing the mechanical parts or by adding a sensor

to provide feedback.

Level 1


Level 2

Build, Code & Play! To inspire our kids to succeed with coding, creativity and in STEM has never been greater.

Contents that will be introduced:

• Make your familiar bricks come to life using coding
• Help turn your creative ideas into reality
• Inspires you to solve problems in creative new ways

*Bring your own i-pad or notebook.

Level 1

Level 2

By building with a programmable brick, motors and sensors, kids can make their creations walk, talk, grab, shoot and do almost anything they can imagine!

Contents that will be introduced:

• Advanced mechanism & programming skills.

• Hi-tech sensors - ultrasonic sensor, colour sensor, sound sensor, IR sensor, etc.

• Competition graded robotics set.

Theme 1 - Airplane Launcher + Catapult

Theme 2 - Helicopter + Ball Shooter

Learning mechanism is essential through hand-on experience.

Contents that will be introduced:

• STEM based construction kit.

• Shoots propellers over 30 feet in the air

• Kids can experience the thrill of launching objects.

*Teaching materials: 2 models are included

STEM SoccerBot Training

STEM SoccerBot Training allows you to build custom and programmable robots. 

Contents that will be introduced:

• Robot Brain with 12 self-configuring input/output ports

• Built in rotational sensors on the motors

• Use of different sensors: Bumper Switch sensor, Touch LED sensor, 4 Smart Motors &

1 Color Sensor

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