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VEX IQ Virtual Online Coding


Dive into the virtual 2021-2022 VEX IQ Challenge (VIQC) Pitching In game with the VIQC Virtual Skills Lessons! Learn how to navigate with Fling — this year's Hero Bot, and score points by pushing and launching Balls into the Low and High Goals, and more!

歡迎進入 2021-2022 VEX IQ 機械人比賽季度,今年主題為Pitching In! 最新示範機型 Fling — 能輕鬆得分, 無論是投球, 或是推入得分區, 都可以在虛擬比賽場地上, 進行編程指令!


Brief introduction to virtual coding


Curriculum [1st stage]​    課程大綱 第一期

Lesson 1 (1.5hr)

- Overview of the game "pitching in"

- Getting started with web-based coding interface

- Access web-based VEXcode IQ

第一堂 (1.5小時)

- 賽制認識

- 介紹網上編程

- 登入, 編寫及儲存程式

Lesson 2 (1.5hr)

- Scoring at Low Goal

- Controlling your robot turning in desired angle

- Basic logic of coding: My first coding

第二堂 (1.5小時)

- 機械人控球得分方法

- 數學範疇: 全方位0度至360度之編程應用

- 基本編程邏輯: 我的第一個程式

Lesson 3 (1.5hr)

- Mechanism of shooting 

- Introduction to parabola and application 

- Logic of coding 2

第三堂 (1.5小時)

- 設計機械人投球機關

- 科學範疇: 拋物線的認識及應用 

- 編程邏輯 2

Lesson 4 (1.5hr)

- Use of sensors 1

- Design of scoring route

- Logic of coding 3

第四堂 (1.5小時)

- 感應器的認識

- 設計行走路線 

- 編程邏輯 3

* Mini-challenge & exercise is included.

* 課堂上附設小型比賽及編程練習.


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